We are the most respected badgemaker in the USA for over 100 years and specialize on attorney badges. We offer law enforcement badges, fire badges, EMS badges (badge of life) and beyond. Few realize that ANY licensed attorney, doctor, and other professionals can buy their own full blown badge and wallet which is priceless and lasts a lifetime 100% made in the USA. We can also custom make any type  of badge just ask! Not just for prosecutors and police few attorneys are even aware they can get an officer of the court badge and legalbadges.com CAN protect you if your are a licensed professional in any state. The one and only provider of attorney badges and family member badges with custom wallet minted and MADE in the USA genuine leather heirloom quality. Not just for prosecutors anymore get yours now after verification orders@legalbadges.com Will not expire like PBA cards! Shields will be clearly engraved with Officer Of the Court and practicing state. BADGES IDENTIFY AND PROTECT LAWYERS AND THEIR FAMILIES AS OFFICERS OF THE COURT. Attorney full size $499 FAMILY/FRIEND $199 Ready to order now? Pay $599 and get one reg and one family member size badge and wallet ($100 savings) allow 4-6 weeks for delivery shipping is $12.00 and 7% sales tax (in NJ) $42.00 $653 total PAY NOW and get guaranteed order confirmation/verification within 24 hours  

BULK DEPARTMENT MILITARY AND SPECIAL DEPARTMENT ORDERS WELCOME. After verification we custom mint your badge/wallet email name/info
orders@legalbadges.com AC-NJ Boardwalk Launch Special 2012 launch $599- one full and one family size. Issued to police and prosecutors you can order your own. We offer the lawyer badge with the custom made wallet. Attorney must supply state of practice. This site is dedicated to protect our beloved Officers of the Court and their families in and out of court by reminding them to feel confident in any situation that their status as an officer is genuine and we aim to provide all attorneys with our most impressive highest quality identification in the world. 100% made in USA gold electroplate lifetime duty quality $499- each verification required for attorney badges as shields for licensed attorneys and their loved ones. As officers of the court you deserve the cache symbol in your pocket or in your wifes purse or your sons wallet or even your employees (great for that important client or for firm gifts to impress with the symbol money cannot by (the fraternal order of the law officer). Great for display in your office and a must for any collector but most of all as an every day wallet and symbol of your profession and commitment to the law. We are the only provider of attorney badges (although we have been the largest police badge maker for over 100 years) and our niche is to love and protect the most distinguished profession in law and the families behind the legal professional. You worked hard to become an officer of the court and shield yourself and your loved ones from costly or unsafe situations where a fraternal officer needs to know who he/she is dealing with. In the wake of 9/11 we cannot be too safe and and lawyer badge or an attorney badge and their family member counterparts are the best security you can buy. Remember a speeding ticket can cost over $1000 in insurance upcharges. This will become your most cherished heirloom the one and only attorney badge.


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